Man, Obama is the best. Did you know we just won the war in Iraq? It's true! The proof? The US is apparently installing a driving range in the Green Zone.

As Al Kamen reports in the Washington Post today, the Joint Contracting Command Iraq, Mission Support Division is asking for:

large netting, a "rough golf mat 5' x 5,' " a "Tee Line Golf Mat 4 x 6,' " and "75 dozen 'Top Flite Super Range' golf balls, which should be colored 'Yellow with double Black stripe.' "

They're also looking for 1,000 golf tees of various sizes and, of course, three sets of golf clubs. These should be: "Maxfli Black Max Men's Complete Set 'Or Equal.' Must include one Driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, six irons, putter and stand bag. Two right-handed sets & one left-handed set."

See? Now all we need to do is teach the Iraqi people the joy of golf, and then we can pull all our troops out. They will be an ally forever!

Of course there's still Afghanistan. We've messed that one up pretty bad, so we'll need to start the rebuilding slow. They can probably handle Putt-Putt, for now, and if that succeeds we can move on from there. (Though we need to be careful—we wouldn't want the Taliban to gain control of our technologically advanced windmills.)