There's never unanimous agreement about which Super Bowl ads are terrible and which are brilliant. But Alec Baldwin's Hulu spot seems likely to emerge a consensus favorite.

As for the rest, we've selected some of our favorite and least favorite spots below; your additions and subtractions are welcome in the comments.

Best ads featuring Alec Baldwin. Baldwin knows how to sell the self-snarking: "They say TV will rot your brain. That's absurd. TV only softens your brain — like a ripe banana." Might even redeem the fact that Hulu makes you watch Hulu ads in order to watch Super Bowl ads., featuring Ed McMahon and MC Hammer. Here comes the depression, let's laugh at these C-list celebrity stand-ins for the pathetic lifestyle liquidators we will soon become! Ha HA. (Right on the edge of awful, obviously.)

Worst ads Because if there's anything worse than listening to screaming and watching a Koala get punched, it's having to do so five or six times.

Pepsi - "Pepsuber." Ben Silverman's secret plan to save NBC is to license everything on the network that people still like. (Yes, we know some of you liked it.)

Doritos - "Crystal Ball." Just randomly violent.