Even football players get peed on from time to time. Also: Britney, Brandon Davis, and lesbian love!

  • In a metaphor for the New England Patriots' season, Pats quarterback Matt Cassel went to a Super Bowl party and got peed on. [Gatecrasher]
  • "Though [heiress] Courtenay Semel beat up [lesbian lovah] Casey Johnson... and set her hair on fire last month, the lesbian lovers spent a romantic week together at Sundance." Good to know. [P6]
  • SHOCK: Brandon Davis, rich wastrel and Lindsay Lohan enemy known primarily for being a stupid rich club kid, was spotted "grinding on some bimbos" in a Hollywood club. Will he be able to recover from this scandal? [P6]
  • Britney Spears has a designated prayer area to pray before each concert. This makes abundant sense. [Mirror]
  • Loudly bisexual Genre editor Neal Boulton is "bringing gay to the straightest part of Brooklyn by teaming up with the straight guys who run South Brooklyn Pizza for a Monday-night gay night called, and you'll laugh, Fondle." Ha. Another funny true story: Neal Boulton rips off his freelancers. [P6]
  • The former fiancee of Drew Peterson, famous wife killer, tells the CBS Early Show today that her engagement to him was just a stunt on his part, so he could be in the media. After much consideration she's decided not to be engaged to him, because of the stunt aspect, and also the penchant for wife killing.