Would you read a comic book about unrepentant would-be terrorist Bill Ayers? Of course! Unless it was a comic book about his life as a teacher and his educational philosophy. That would be boring.

But a trade publisher called Teachers College Press "will publish a graphic novel adaptation of To Teach: The Journey, a much-praised memoir of Ayers's life as a teacher, tentatively to be called To Teach: The Graphic Memoir with art by Xeric Award-winner Ryan Alexander-Tanner." Why are they doing this? There is not really a coherent explanation, anywhere.

Then of course it will be made into a kick-ass series of money-making feature films, starring Justin Long and Shia Labeouf and probably someone old to play the villain, Dennis Quaid maybe. Dennis Quaid will play the voice of an evil talking police car, and Long and Labeouf need to blow up, to win the respct of their mentor, Bill Ayers.