If there's one thing Entertainment Weekly loves even more than Twilight, it's Lost. However, fans may want to sic a smoke monster on the editors for divulging too much in their new cover story.

Since the show just aired its fourth episode (out of a planned seventeen this season), you might expect a little bit of light teasing about the next episode (hey! Jin is back) or mayyyybe some vague, long-range plans for the next few. Abruptly, though (and with nary a spoiler warning to be seen), the article's first paragraph reveals major spoilers about the show's twelfth episode, including the fates of many characters currently in limbo, including one who was just shown to be slowly dying.

So you know, that's kind of weird. But if that weren't enough, the print version of the story also runs publicity stills from episodes way, way down the line that spoil which characters make it back to the island as well as what (and when) they're up to. Since the question of whether the Oceanic Six will make it back there is, according to the article, the main thrust of the next several episodes, it's a little odd that the same magazine would casually reveal exactly which characters do.

In a nutshell, then: the article is mega-spoilery with absolutely no warning. But at least the pictures are pretty!