We were all so excited for the Obama presidency because suddenly all those lovable losers we've grown to love during the Bush years would be influential and important! Hah.

No, they are still buried in crosstalk on Meet the Press, of course, because they're filthy liberals. Here is Barney Frank, yesterday, explaining that all the "spending" in the stimulus bill that the Senate centrists stripped out was the "stimulus" bit of the stimulus bill, and that back in the day the Republicans never let the "centrists" do shit, and then Mike Pence is all "whatevs Barney" and Barney is all "you aren't even listening to me asshole" and David Gregory is all "ok let's talk about something else, and also let's have the argument on terms decided on by these self-appointed centrists who have no ideology besides a pathological need to temper whatever their party does with a dash of what the opposing party wants, even if it makes no economic sense."

Do we sound like we've been reading too much Krugman? We have! The Nobel-winning economist has long been the most outraged liberal of the Times opinion section, and he really found his shrill, Bush-hating voice over the eight years of that presidency. And now there's a great big economic crisis and he's a super-smart economist so surely Obama will be consulting with him every day until we're past this! But no, the Times editorial board convinced Tom Daschle to withdraw his cabinet nomination, but no one listens to Krugman, still. He just blogs about how much he hates bipartisanship and how everyone but him is so stupid.

At a certain point you have to acknowledge that liberals are just big losers who can't get anything done. You have to acknowledge this because it is the conventional wisdom, that right-wingers get things done and the liberals just all shout at each other all day.