Did you know that African-Americans made many contributions to the grocery industry? Such as collard greens, pork hocks, and bologna. All celebrated on this grocery store's Black History month flier. African-Americans love that pork!

Some "PC" types say this ad is "racist," but a company rep explains that "this ad was intended to celebrate Black History Month and African American culture by sharing with our customers some of the contributions African Americans have made to the grocery industry." Stay tuned for some of their future diversity-celebrating ads for sales:
Polish History Month: Kielbasa, Glue (for sniffing), Light bulbs (How many Poles to screw one in? Ha.).
Russian History Month: Vodka, AK-47s, Vodka.
Women's History Month: Tampons, Kitchen Items, (Go Make Me) A Sandwich.

Diversity! [via Brandfreak]