You may have noticed a striking ad on page 5 of THR today, prominently featuring what appears to be the human equivalent of an Easter Peep.

Her name, as if you can't read for yourself, is Phyllis J McGuire, and let there be no mistaking it: She is romance. A visit to reveals that the lady with the sparkly jewels, gravity-defying bouffant, and custom-made straight-jacket of pink cashmere is one-third of popular wartime singing group The McGuire Sisters. What's more, Phyllis is the recipient of the "the largest flower delivery in history"—12,000 roses—earning her the well-deserved title of The International Ambassadress of Valentine's Day, which we just made up. (It just so happens, Heart-Shaped Candy Day is also PJM's birthday.)

We suppose this is as good an opportunity as any to mention that we love you. Each and every one of you. There we go again. Phyllis made us do it.