Who says there aren't jobs out there for J-school graduates? Thanks to a tipster, we learned today that Columbia J-school alum and fame-seeker Sheena Tahilramani now works (worked?) for evil Republican vizier Karl Rove.

They're Twitter buddies even!

The girl who wrapped herself seductively in newspaper and took other sexy photos for her now-defunct website SimplySheena.com (her new site SheenaTahilramani.com is "coming soon"!), has the fancy title of chief of staff for Karl Rove & Company, which according to a Google search and Nexis' archives involved, most recently in November, serving as his spokeswoman. Plus he's one of the four people she's following on her Twitter page. She also seems to have a chummy relationship with a certain Kyle Rove and Sean Louis Rove, though their relationship to Karl is unclear. Nephews perhaps?

So from journalismy Julia Allison to buddy-buddy mouthpiece for the evil Richelieu of the Bush Empire. Here's lookin' at you, Sheena.