Tomorrow, the old Defamer guard—whose heartfelt, semi-coherent ramblings you've warmly welcomed into your homes, office cubicles, and Unabomber shacks for nearly five years now—will bid you all a fond adieu. But this story ends happily.

For starters, Defamer isn't going anywhere. True, it's undergone a series of drastic physical transformations over the years—starting out as a skinny, fresh-faced L.A. dirt rag, growing eventually into a full-service showbiz-skewering media hub, and now evolving into its current incarnation as Gawker's Hollywood dispatch—but you can still come here daily for all your salacious showbiz gossip needs.

But if it's specifically the voices of outgoing editors Seth, STV, and Kyle you seek, there is another option coming down the pipeline. This Spring, the three of us will have the pleasure of launching—or rather re-launching—Movieline magazine as a pop culture site: For the new generation of studio stapler-dodgers among you, Movieline was a must-read back in the '90s—a Cahiers du cinéma on crack that was unabashedly in love with the movies, but never reluctant to stick it to the Hollywood Man. We think it's time to bring it back, with a wider breadth of pop culture coverage. Shoot us your e-mail addresses for updates about the launch.

Choices! Everybody loves choices! High five!