RadarOnline was once an intelligent site, written by funny people. Really! Now, it seems to have degenerated into all Octomom, all the time. What's happening here?

The obvious reason this happened is that RadarOnline was bought by AMI as the new online front for the National Enquirer, to be used for the purpose of gossip-laundering. But even that doesn't explain the sheer scope of the Octomomness currently going on over there.

Just this week at RadarOnline, Octo has launched a video diary and a blog and is just communicating her heart out, while, as far as I can tell, the rest of the world continues to steadily lose interest in her story.

She's lifecasting, people. RadarOnline is slowly morphing into the new Nonsociety, which would make Octomom the new Julia Alllison, of bizarro world. What a crazy place the internet is!