Michael Jackson has just made a landmark announcement. He's broke, so he needs to go on tour. The press conference he staged was very odd—audio problems, mumbling, eerie Hitler-like gestures. News people were befuddled.

"This Is It" is apparently not MJ's medical prognosis, but rather the name of his upcoming tour. Who exactly will do the actual performing for the King is unclear. The top clip, from MSNBC, is pretty much the whole thing. They tried valiantly to piece the thing together, but ultimately gave up. "Uh... okay, a lot of posing and basically MJ reiterating what the banners said."

Meanwhile over at CNN, Tony Harris once again couldn't figure out what the hell was going on and couldn't muster the care enough to try and figure out. Though he did muse on a Kenny Loggins song.

So, this is it. A Michael Jackson tour. A career rebirthed. Good luck to all of us.