"Is it racist for white people to shoot black zombies?" asks the prestigious Wall Street Journal. It's a touchy issue, and we all have our opinions. But are those opinions stupid?

This zombie racism controversy has arisen because "Resident Evil 5" features a white hero shooting African zombies, because the imaginary beep-boop game is set in Africa. Racist?

As a player, you are often forced to use a machete to hack your way through your attackers, using the same kind of weapons that were used in atrocities in places like Rwanda and the Congo over the last two decades. Killing African zombies can earn you gold treasure — in addition to the loot you find in barrels and vases in the different African villages. And while Chris's partner, Sheva Alomar, is from the region, she's light-skinned with straight-hair, and is introduced to players during a cinematic sequence highlighting not her face, but rather, her rear end.

Alert: video game fans are largely young white male nerds with rich digital fantasy lives. Their conception of black people is based largely upon characters from "NBA Streetball" games, and their conception of women is largely based upon the ass of "Resident Evil's" co-star. But face facts: our nation needs their zombie-hunting talents if we are to avoid total defeat at the hands of the undead. Might as well get used to it. [WSJ; Pic via]