When we characterized Meghan McCain's disastrous TV appearance on Rachel Maddow last night as a "pundit audition," we didn't know how right we were.

A source inside Fox News Channel says the network has engaged in early discussions about McCain playing a role in the network's web site—meetings were scheduled, if not consummated. If McCain is making the rounds at the cable nets, it's unlikely, given the astounding depth of self-regard she displayed last night, that she'll limit her ambitions to an online role. So don't be surprised if she becomes some sort of "youth correspondent" or something.

If McCain does end up with some sort of online gig at Fox, it would be a vicious betrayal of the Daily Beast, which helped rocket her to basic-cable fame by providing a platform from which she could be the only person in America standing up to Ann Coulter. Tina Brown made you, Meghan McCain.