How much coffee did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg drink before going on Oprah? We've never seen the 24-year-old Harvard dropout talk this fast. Instead of nervous pauses, he filled the air with spew.

But it's inevitable that Zuckerberg has transformed from hostile nerd to nonstop chatterbox. His inane conversation with Oprah and her pals was the same kind of spew that Facebook is enabling through a redesigned homepage, the product of Zuckerberg's strange obsession with the much-smaller Twitter, a messaging service which counts some 6 million users against Facebook's 175 million.

One of those Facebook users is Kirby Bumpus (left), the 22-year-old daughter of Oprah pal Gayle King, who graduated from Stanford last year. King asked Zuckerberg if he'd be "interested." He demurred, saying that he was sure plenty of people would want to date Bumpus, who's also Oprah's goddaughter.

What Zuckerberg was too polite to say on air: Last we heard, he was already taken.