Joey Brodish, 26, recently laid off as an editorial assistant for a gossip magazine.....was dressed this afternoon in a glittery top paired with skinny black pants. "Look around. Do you see a recession?"-NYT

And thus we meet Joey Brodish, 26, who was an editorial assistant at Page Six Magazine when I was a contributing editor there. What recession, Joey? The one that got you both you and me laid off. What weird planet are you on where you don't see that? Oh, the basement of Merkato 55 on a Saturday afternoon. That is a weird planet, what's it like down there?

"It's like, ‘What recession?' " said Ms. Brodish, who lives in TriBeCa and was dressed this afternoon in a glittery top paired with skinny black pants. "Look around. Do you see a recession?"

In her opinion, the Saturday afternoon dance party was just another facet of the dynamic city.

"There's SoHo," she said. "There's the Empire State Building. There's Merkato 55."

By 3 p.m., two members of the Gypsy Kings, special guests this day, had wrapped up their hourlong set and the D.J. had started spinning. In a large booth, a blonde wearing a short black dress with a plunging neckline mugged for a camera as she dangled a French fry from her teeth. Another woman popped out her hip and ran her tongue over the icing of a red velvet cupcake.

By 4 p.m., the place was wall-to-wall bodies, and people were taking hits from a rosé-filled bong in the shape of a flamingo. Downstairs, Adesh Baharani was celebrating his 35th birthday by showering all within 10 feet of him (not all of them members of his party) with the contents of a $500 bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

Ms. Brodish is just the latest in the how we cope trope series. She just stands out because she's the one who may or may not be doing hits from a rosé-filled bong whereas the others are trying to save money by doing hits from a coke can bong filled with shwag.

Though the numbers are off—but scarily not too off—it seems that half the editorial world has been laid off and the other half has carefully creased itself onto its deceased colleagues to offer blanket coverage of their sad and jobless lives. Thus we get Laura Rich, the former associate editor at, who got her house all did up nice by the New York Times and we get the very covered Aaron Gell's ASSME—American Society of Shit-Canned Media Elites—party (I covered it!) last December. But whereas these laid-off workers were drinking to drown their misery and remodeling to stave off insanity, Ms. Brodish seems to be coping quite well. She, who once sent me an email reading in its entirety, "Your a head of my invoicing cycle. Good work. Your good to go!", is flourishing in this recession-what-recession. And we can only say, Congratulations Joey, your good to go!