A director gets a big new job, and so does MacGyver. SAG stalls, Chevy Chase steps on the gas, the Sci-Fi Channel takes a soft left turn, while nerds everywhere gather and celebrate.

Bolstered by his Witch Mountain success, no doubt, director Andy Fickman has been tapped to helm Disney's upcoming family actioner Monster Attack Network. About a team that defends the residents of a small island in the South Pacific from frequent monster attacks, Disney is eying the picture as a major, FX-laden summertime tent pole. So, a promotion for Fickman. A demotion, probably, for the rest of us. [Variety]

Bolstered by the SNL skit "MacGruber"'s success, the unstoppable De Laurentiis clan is producing a feature film version of MacGyver, the campy 1980's series about a be-mulletted science whiz who can defuse bombs with safety pins and elbow grease. It's doubtful that original series star Richard Dean Anderson will be tapped for the big time movie, so may we suggest James Marsden? He's a square-enough actor whose rear, in the spirit of Mac's haircut, we wouldn't mind partying in. [THR]

As SAG board elections are roughly scheduled for September, folks are worried that the guild will just kinda float along through the summer, leaving their contract dispute with the AMPTP unresolved. That way various factions can pick up votes along the way, hoping to swell the tide to their causes in the fall. With the current contract already 8 months expired, a delay would push the air of uncertainty surrounding this whole potential disaster on for at least another 6 months. [THR]

Chevy Chase is set to costar in the comedy pilot Community for NBC. The series, which will also feature The Soup dreamboat Joel McHale, is set in the hilarious/depressing world of community college. Should the show be picked up, this would be Chase's first-ever regular primetime series gig. [THR] Meanwhile the Sci-Fi Channel won't be the Sci-Fi channel anymore! No, they'll now be "Syfy," a name the net hopes will appeal to a broader audience. Though, you know, they sound the same out loud. [THR]

Watchmen whiner David Hayter has joined forces with producer Benedict Carver to form Dark Heroes Studios, which will produce film, TV, and various computer projects in the Nerd Triumverate genres—action, sci-fi (sorry, syfy), and horror. Their first project is a werewolf movie starring that glowering kid from Terminator, Thomas Dekker. So. There ya go. [Variety]