White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said this afternoon that Barack Obama has "complete confidence" in flailing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Which means he will be fired shortly. How long? Here's a handy guide:

Tom Daschle
February 2, 2009: Obama is asked if he still supports Daschle's nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services after Daschle admitted his failure to pay more than $140,000 in back taxes. He responds "Absolutely."

February 3, 2009: Daschle withdraws nomination, Obama tells NBC News, "I screwed up."

Lag time: 1 day.

Alberto Gonzales
April 23, 2007: George Bush says Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee "increased [his] confidence" in Gonzales.

August 27, 2007: Gonzales resigns.

Lag time: 4 months, 4 days.

Donald Rumsfeld
April 18, 2006: Bush says Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld "is doing a fine job.... I have strong confidence in Don Rumsfeld."

November 8, 2006: Rumsfeld resigns.

Lag time: 6 months, 21 days.

Harriet Miers
October 5, 2005: Bush says, "Harriet Miers is going to be confirmed and people will get to see why I put her on the bench. She is an extraordinary woman."

October 27, 2005: Miers withdraws her nomination.

Lag time: 22 days.

Average: 86 days. Talk to you in June, Tim!