Well, well. Michelle Obama has some nice arms, and now all the ladies want some nice arms. Women of America: resist this arm fixation. Do you want to end up just as dumb as men?

Men have always wanted big arms. Go into any gym, and what do you see? Men standing around doing curls. If guys ever stopped doing curls, 90% of gyms would go right out of business.

Men want big arms because arms stick off your body. Everybody can see your big arms. Guys want big arms so that they can look like this:

Now ask yourself, women of America: is this what you want? There is a very specific problem with spending your life trying to get big arms: big arms do not make you strong. Doing hours and hours of curls will make your biceps grow, which will allow you to do only two things: 1. Fill up a shirt sleeve. 2. Do more curls. This is why the same men who spend their lives achieving big arms are worthless when it's time to push your car out of a ditch. Count on it.

So please, women of America, do not fall prey to the lure of vanity muscles. Do some real exercises that will make you strong all over—exercises like deadlifts, and presses, and, yes, squats. Do not make the same mistake your boyfriends make. Why lust after a sculpted tricep when you could load up the bar, do your squats, and one day look like this:

It's what your country needs. [NYT]