The worse the economy gets, the more we hear about media companies that aren't paying their bills on time. Are you getting screwed? Help us help you! Like so:

If you are a freelancer or contractor or vendor for a media outlet or media company, we want you to email us and tell us how long it's taking you to get paid these days. Checks coming in on time? A week late? A month late? Never? We want to hear about places that are paying on time as well as those that aren't. (Any standard salaried employees having trouble getting paid, you can tell us too). When we get enough info we'll put it all together in a nice CHART OF SHAME (And of Honor!), or something like that.

In just the last month, we've heard complaints about the New York Observer, Viacom, and Interview magazine. We suspect they are but the vanguard of the proletariat's problems.

Put "Payment time" in the subject line, okay. We'll keep you anonymous.

Sounds fun! Tell your friends! Email now!