Spring is so romantic: Hugh Grant is making out with random pairs of women again, Rihanna is being wooed by Fez from That '70s Show and Britney Spears rekindled an old affair with Twinkies.

  • Rihanna supposedly spent a night (and bottle of champagne) chatting up Wilmer Valderrama, ex of Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore and Ashlee Simpson. And, oh right, an actor. His latest role involves publicly flirting with an R&B singer who needs to look unattached to her abusive boyfriend. [Mirror]
  • In addition to that purse at The Eldridge, socialgay Paul Johnson-Calderon has also been accused of stealing, on other occasions, a BlackBerry and a Chopard watch and... another purse. At 1Oak. Needless to say, he's available to house-sit. [P6]
  • Robin Williams is expected to make a full recovery following a three-and-a-half hour heart operation. “I’m thinking the next leg of my (‘Weapons of Self-Destruction’) tour will be ‘Weapons of Self-Destruction and Reconstruction!’” [Gatecrasher]
  • Hugh Grant took his long-running double-make-out roadshow to the Beatrice Inn Friday, alternating between a brunette and a blonde. His publicist calls this double make-out business "rubbish," implying a Post-Daily News conspiracy that would defy the laws of media physics.
  • Not even death threats can keep Britney Spears from her illicit junk-food runs. It's sad what an addict will do for a fix. [Showbiz Spy]