Being repeatedly exposed as factually incorrect or as a hypocrite doesn't seem to have hurt Bill O'Reilly's ratings. But a few more descriptions of him as a creepy stalker might do the trick.

Lefty blogger Terkel appeared on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC Countdown last night to describe exactly how O'Reilly's producer staked out her apartment and followed her across state lines to ambush her in Virginia.

Terkel's case is particularly likely to draw sympathy: The show didn't try calling her or visiting her office, she told Olbermann, just went straight into the stalking. Then the 5'0", 100-pound woman was accosted in a desolate area by yelling men with cameras and microphones. All for daring to quote the terrible things the Fox News host said about a rape victim.

O'Reilly blamed the whole thing on desperate NBC executives and radical leftists, who somehow forced his show to hound Terkel. In other words, they were asking for it.