Nathan Singh, a 27-year-old U.K. prison warden, has been fired for making friends with 13 criminals on Facebook. Singh was suspected of smuggling cell phones to his Facebook pals.

At a disciplinary hearing, Singh protested that he was only guilty of indiscriminate Facebook friending:

Sometimes when I logged on to my Facebook site there would be 20-odd friend requests and I just accepted them. Sometimes I didn't even check them. I realise now it might have been naïve in the job I do.

Nice try, officials said: They found photos on Facebook showing him hanging out with Tyrone Leadett, a drug-dealer Facebook friend (above, right). Their investigation also found that he'd phoned 7 of the 13 Facebook-friend criminals.

Poor Singh! If only this had happened after Facebook rolled out its latest redesign, which makes it totally impossible to find photos and friend updates and such.