Eating one's own placenta after giving birth is a time-honored tradition in many countries. Oversharing on the Internet is a crazy new trend everywhere. When they combine, you get placenta panini pictures on Facebook!

Chrissy Schilling had a baby over the weekend. She and her twin sister Kathy Schilling froze the placenta and cooked it up two days later. Kathy told's a good 6 lbs of meat that's just chock full of lingering blood, vitamins, and hormones that can still in part be transferred upon eating — even through cooking. When I cooked it, I cleaned the surface blood off of it, but kept anything that seaped out of it into the sauce. I know I was feeling pretty giddy while eating, so maybe that was some of the happy hormones effects taking place.

The "recipe" was pretty simple, but preparation was very fun! First, I washed off any clots and snipped/tore away the membrane. Websites suggested this, and I imagine it's because it'd be chewy. The umbilical cord required a pair of scissors to cut through and I had to marvel at how incredible tough that piece was! After it was pretty clean, I sliced it into bite-size chunks, and cooked it with the basic ingredients I mentioned on my Facebook album. The taste of the meat itself was surprisingly tasteful (I thought it'd be bland, but it absorbed the flavors of the ingredients very well). It wasn't TOUGH, but not sloppy either. Just the right kind of texture that I like.

Chrissy, the new mom, believes that eating her own placenta helped her milk come in. Here are pictures of a sandwich and pasta dish the sisters prepared:

Tom Cruise reportedly joked about eating Katie Holmes's placenta after Suri's birth. Guess he missed out!