Glenn Beck turned up this morning to bathe in the warm sycophancy of Fox & Friends, and to tell the heroic tale of how he saved a fainting man's life on television yesterday.

As you will recall, Beck stood there dumbstruck while his guest David Buckner repeated four times that he was about to faint. Finally, Beck reached out to shake Buckner's hand, which is a strange and ineffective way to keep someone from falling down. Instead, he went down kind of crooked and then Beck's staff stood around looking at one another awkwardly.

But Glenn Beck's handshake is mighty and righteous, and giveth life: "Thank God you reached your hand out," Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. told Beck. "Because you took him by the hand. If you hadn't have taken him by the hand, he would have gone straight down." He adds a little later, "At least he's alive."

Buckner is OK; Beck said he had a stomach flu. He'll be back to ranting about Obama's murderous tax plans in no time.