Hah, Ron Paul will be in Bruno. Sacha Baron Cohen lured him to studio with the promise of a serious interview about economics, and instead, obviously, it became a gay panic joke.

I was expecting an interview on Austrian economics. So, that didn't turn out that way. But, by the time he started pulling his pants down, I ... What in (inaudible) is going on here? I ran out of the room. This interview has ended.

Now the libertarian hero to whackjobs everywhere is very sad that people make money with this raunchy lying-to-famous-people stuff, but he is even sadder that if this movie makes Sacha Baron Cohen any money he will have to pay taxes on it. :(

A flamboyant gay fashion reporter is probably the least embarrassing person Ron Paul's been associated with over the last year or so but try telling that to the 73-year-old Texas Representative. Sorry he didn't get you a blimp, Ron!