Splash News snapped this sad picture of Mel Gibson on a beach in Costa Rica, contemplating his impending divorce and, no doubt, $480 million-ish divorce settlement. Also: Which musical Oksana he'll end up with.

There are three possibilities. There's Russian pianist Oksana Kolesnikova, who is married and has loudly denied any involvement with Gibson. She was just "entertaining Mr. Gibson with her piano music," if you know what she means, and we think you do.

There's also Oksana Pochepa, a blonde model signed (says Russia Today) to Gibson's Icon music label, who has been loudly confirming involvement with the movie star — perhaps a bit too loudly. She's known as "the Shark," which is delightful.

Then there's theOksana of the moment, Oksana Grigorieva, yet another Soviet musician and mother to actor Timothy Dalton's son. The London-based composer (left, via Rex Features) is reportedly separated from Dalton. Russia's Komsomolskaya Pravda thinks she has to be the woman pictured frolicking with Gibson recently on a Costa Rican beach.

Most importantly, no one has reached her for comment yet, for whatever reason, so she hasn't issued any denials, so for all we know she could be the one.

Assuming she's not, the global celebrity press will go through every last remotely plausible Russian woman named Oksana until either Gibson's reputation for womanizing inflates beyond all reason or the movie star makes some kind of public statement dsaying he wasn't with anyone named "Oksana," ever, so please just shut up.

Then the tabloids will come up with something really off the wall and explosive, like that Gibson's marriage ended over some other big imploding star like, oh, Britney Spears. ( Ha ha, too late.)