Times internet family columnist Judith Warner has determined that when kids call other kids "gay" or "fag" they are actually enforcing outdated codes of masculinity, not actually accusing that kid of being a homosexual.

Right. Duh. Where the hell have you been? Oh, right, an old rich white lady liberal cocoon.

But, you know, just because they use "fag" as a pejorative term meaning "demonstrating traditionally feminine qualities like showing emotion" it is still not really very accurate to write this sentence:

Being called a "fag," you see, actually has almost nothing to do with being gay.

In the sense that the word thrown at plenty of kids who are not gay, then yes, sure, but it is still the act of calling someone gay, as an insult, that you are talking about, here.

Anyway, kids, stop being such lame homos to each other, all the time.