Air America is facing financial problems, again, and might ask for donations. But National Public Radio totally has a patent on charging liberals for free stuff!

NPR is worried its listeners will not know which set of financially inept radio taxocrats they're sending all their hard-earned money to, presumably because their total libtard sheeple. "There's plenty of opportunity for confusion," NPR's flack told the Wall Street Journal.

Ha ha, of course there is, just look what happened in Boston:

At WJIB, a commercially licensed oldies station... a listener once sent a check with the subject line marked "WGBH" — a prominent local public-radio station. Owner Bob Bittner says he sent the check back.

Oh, liberals, never knowing who to send their checks to.

Anyway, it should be pretty easy to keep the two left-leaning radio organizations straight: One pays taxes and has faced financial issues and management shakeups; the other doesn't pay taxes and has faced... financial issues and management shakeups. Hmm.

Maybe it's better to focus on the gifts: NPR will give you tote bags, DVDs and hand-cranked radios; Air America would probably offer, more impressively, "access to Air America talent and tickets to special events." (Read: More teabagging with Ana Marie Cox and Rachel Maddow.)


Conservative media outlets are obviously doing much, much better, due to their innate business savvy and understanding of free markets (*cough*).

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