Julia Allison caught some flack for tweeting yesterday about Rosie O'Donnell's "knock-down drag out" fight with her wife Kelli, but O'Donnell probably didn't expect to keep the incident secret. She's neighbors with Allison, after all.

Allison, an internet protocelebrity whose haters watch her as closely as her fans, has written publicly about sharing an apartment building with O'Donnell before, including this tweet about Rosie leaving her door open, which we picked up. The bit of trivia has also popped up in the comments sections of various blogs and newspapers.

And Allison is notoriously chatty about her neighbors' business. In one instance she posted to the Web a complaint about the sex moans coming from next door.

Still, she seems to regret Wednesday's Twitter post about the fight, which she has since deleted:

Then again, with Allison it's hard to know where sincerity ends and the posing begins. After recently losing hold of both a Bravo reality show and one of two partners at her NonSociety "lifestreaming" startup, Allison publicly stroked the thighs of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler before leaving a nightclub with him. After someone leaked word of the encounter to Page Six, Allison's Google fame shot through the roof.

So Allison's decision to call out O'Donnell by her full name could well have been more strategic than impulsive. Another round in the tabloids, more attention for Allison and NonSociety.

Or it could, of course, be the simple reflex of a compulsive Twitterer with a famous neighbor across the hall (If it was our neighbor, in all honesty, there probably would have been way more than one post.)