Whoops. The Twitter account we thought Jesse Watters was taunting us from is fake. We would have called Watters to confirm it was his, but he won't talk to us. We'll apologize in person soon.

We have Washington Times columnist and Fox News regular Amanda Carpenter to thank for revealing the fake. She wrote on her Twitter page today that "@JesseWatters is a BOGUS account. This is not the real Factor producer Jesse Watters. Block this feed, do not follow. It is an imposter." Later she added that she had spoken to Watters (how'd you get him to talk to you!?) and confirmed. The faker admitted the con job on his page today.

We also have Carpenter to thank for introducing the fake Jesse Watters to the Twitterati. Here she is 10 days ago—in posts she has since removed—announcing Watters' arrival on Twitter and bantering with him about MSNBC's David Shuster, as well as yesterday referencing his account by way of attacking us:

Other people taken in by the fake were followers Rick Sanchez, Bobby Jindal, Fred Thompson, and Darrell Issa.

The fact that Carpenter and others were just as fooled as we were doesn't mean we're any less responsible for getting taken in. But we'd point out that if Watters were willing to answer our questions, we would have learned rather quickly that his Twitter persona was fake.

We're sorry for calling you a liar based on the musings of your fake Twitter self, Jesse. We're not sorry for calling you all that other stuff. See you soon.