Masked men break into a home in Spain, tie up a woman, take her cash and jewelry. They start ransacking the bedrooms. Wait, who is that in the picture?

Dolph Lundgren, "the 6ft 5in karate black belt... an expert in full contact karate" who once put co-star Sylvester Stallone in the hospital during the filming of Rocky IV, with a little love tap. He also has a master's degree in chemistry and an IQ of 160.

Uh, time to go. The robbers, writes the Daily Mail,

cut short their raid on the house near Marbella, Spain, after spotting a family photo of the action star and his children in one of the bedrooms.

Lungren wasn't home at the top, probably because he was off at the gym, which he visits six days a

Which is just as well. Because Dolph Lundgren drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls. He once punched a hole in a cow just to see who was coming up the road. I once saw him scissor-kick Angela Landsbury.

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