Mel Gibson brought composer Oksana Grigorieva to the debut of the latest X-Men movie Tuesday night, effectively confirming he's been sleeping with the Russian composer and Timothy Dalton ex. (Larger picture after the jump.)

Gibson must have been eager to get things out in the open: the actor says in court papers he has been officially separated from his wife for more than two and a half years. Grigorieva, signed to Gibson's Icon Records, is herself said separated from Dalton. There were already property records tying the two together, and blurry photographs of a jaunt in Costa Rica (tied to Grigorieva in the Russian press), so it's not like the pair were a complete secret from the world.

Still, Gibson apparently has for years kept his split from his wife under wraps. The breakup dates from the weeks just after the star's anti-semitic tirade against Los Angeles sheriff's deputies. Had it been exposed at the time, it might have dealt his image a particularly damaging double blow.

Now that Gibson's wife has forced the matter into the public eye, taking the Grigorieva relationship public is a way for the actor to underline that he has nothing to hide — and that his life is not as lonely as pathetic as you might expect for an alcoholic anti-Semite ditched by his wife.

Luckily for Gibson, his current Oksana was not scared off by that other musician named Oksana who kept saying she had been sleeping with him.