Party-having economist Nouriel "Dr. Doom" Roubini is no longer inviting reporters to parties in his vagina-studded loft, we hear! *(A single tear)*

Roubini was out on the town earlier this week and struck up a convo with a New York magazine reporter, and explained his charm:

So, what makes his parties so great? we asked.

"Fun people and beautiful girls," Roubini said, grinning. "I look for ten girls to one guy." His friend Bill Clinton, he added, is a fan of this ratio.

BUT: we hear that Roubini has been so traumatized by the digital explorations of Nick Denton that he now hates all reporters, and refuses to invite them to his freaky deaky parties! Is it worth leaving the profession in order to get into one of these things? Anybody know? Julia?