Presidential mother-in-law Marian Robinson didn't want to go to DC, but now she is a White House party animal. The Obamas brought her to watch the kids, but she's gone all Auntie Mame on them.

She entertains visitors from Chicago. She attends White House dinners and concerts hosted by her daughter, the first lady, Michelle Obama. She dines at local restaurants and delights in events at the Kennedy Center, where she often sits in the president's box and chats with performers.

The Obamas rely on grandma to raise their kids, because the liberal feminist revolution means Michelle works all day, even now, when she doesn't even actually have a job. But now grandma's leading a life of luxury and privilege, attending the theater instead of performing her familial duties, so the Obamas have actually been forced to hire help to watch their little latchkey kids, on at least one occasion.

This is the life they want for your children, America! Watch out for the reeducation camps!