Who is banned from entering the UK for reasons of extremism? Fred Phelps, KKK grand wizard Stephen Donald Black, neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe—and talk show host Michael Savage!

The British Home Office released a list of 16 people banned since October so that everyone knew exactly what sort of things the English don't cotton to.

"If people have so clearly overstepped the mark in terms of the way not just that they are talking but the sort of attitudes that they are expressing to the extent that we think that this is likely to cause or have the potential to cause violence or inter-community tension in this country, then actually I think the right thing is not to let them into the country in the first place. Not to open the stable door then try to close it later," Ms Smith said.

Now it may seem a bit odd to place right-wing talk show host Michael Savage on a list with the leaders of a Russian skinhead gang who've killed at least 20 people, but just because in our nation he is considered perfectly acceptable for nationally syndicated radio doesn't mean he's not just as extreme and bigoted as your average workaday Hamas MP. And Savage tends to be just a bit nuttier than the rest of the talk radio pack, though Glenn Beck is really trying his best.

But here in America we give you a pass on this sort of thing if you say "just kidding I am but a mere entertainer" every so often.