In unforeseeable news, a married millionaire heir to the Dupont fortune was repeatedly extorted for thousands of dollars by women he met on a site where old rich guys find hot young money-hungry girlfriends.

Stephen Dent willingly spent $200,000 on women he met on, but they went ahead and extorted him anyhow. How could they?

In March 2008, Queens resident Roy Sipel, 22, pleaded guilty to larceny and was sentenced to 16 months in prison for extorting $40,000 from Dent after learning he had had sex with Sipel's girlfriend, the newspaper reported.

Dent nevertheless visited again, and again was blackmailed, this time by an Ohio couple, Dawn and Christopher Jessop, records state.

And then he got extorted again, for $9,000. You just can't trust gold diggers three times these days.