Ivy League-educated attorney Marc Dreier pleaded guilty yesterday to scamming various investors out of "at least" $400 million. Then he left court and returned to his $10 million condo. Being rich is nice!

Dreier was an incredibly brazen con artist who sold "promissory notes" backed up by nothing to hedge funds and other unsympathetic victims and then took the millions he made and lived like a generally rich, happy motherfucker. He pleaded guilty to stealing—stealing!—hundreds of millions of dollars. Which if you're a rich guy like this guy, or Madoff, for example, gets you sent back home, because you hired guards there and you won't escape so hey why send you to jail with the poors to await sentencing?

Manhattan federal Judge Jed Rakoff said he was bound by law to ignore his "repugnance" for the fraudster — who gets to celebrate his 59th birthday at home today — because "there is no likelihood" that Dreier would get past the armed guards keeping him in his $10 million pad.

But that's just till July when he could be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. So crime pays for only a few decades, max.
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