As soon as you're done not reading Judith Warner's stink piece on the Presidential torso, don't go read Ryan Adam's new book Hello Sunshine, now on pre-order, which comes with a signed bonus chapbook.

This is the second book for Adams, singer, human Wise potato chip mascot, and wife of Mandy Moore. The first one Infinity Blues had five chapters with the fourth chapter entitled Chapter 11. Adams' prose is like a Terence Koh's installation: shiny gold covered shit. But if you couldn't get enough of Infinity Blues perk up your titties.

Now Hello Sunshine is available for pre-order. And for only $50, you get a signed chapbook from Mr. Adams called Pink Magic. Gross. Here's what Mr. Adams has to say:

This collection was a beautiful way for me to wrap up my narrative verse style of writing before I move into writing short stories and novels. Maybe this book really is more about my connection to my senses and to the romantic. Where I was scared to read Infinity Blues after I wrote it, Hello Sunshine makes me want to eat ice cream. This book is about, quite simply, how it might feel to surrender to a love. It will reinforce everyone's fear that I am smarter than them."

If you'd like to pre-order the book, go to Akashic Books. If you'd like to gleek on Mr. Adams, you'll have to go to LA to do it.