After all that trash talk, American Apparel has agreed to give Woody Allen $5 million for putting his picture on their skeevy billboard. Pussies!

Dov Charney and Co.'s entire strategy for this trial was to say, hey, Woody Allen didn't lose $10 million being associated with our pervy brand, because he was already a perv. Then they posed and postured like they were going to turn the trial into a parade of Woody's Greatest Perv Hits, making it so painful for him that he'd wish he never sued them.

That was a bluff. Everybody knows Woody Allen's shit already. So they paid him half. Fair is fair. But where's your scrappy sense of tabloid sensationalism, Dov? We all knew you'd lose, but now you also lost a shitload of free PR. And who's going to pay Woody for this?

UPDATE: Full statement from Dov Charney here. Including, heh:

In his deposition, Mr. Allen said that he had never heard of American Apparel or me prior to the billboard. I believe that if Mr. Allen became more familiar with the company, he might appreciate some aspects of American Apparel specifically our commitment to creativity.