The Way We Live Now: Moaning, creatively. Artists are poor. More so! But credit cards are now a responsible financial option. I think we've solved all of our problems!

Artists are responding to the recession with creativity, as you would hope. They're also responding by having lots of free time, as indicated by the fact that hundreds of them responded to the NYT's request for their stories. (Newspapers writing stories off of requests for info on their blogs is yet another recession trend!). Many artists say it's a good thing that they've lost their real jobs, because it gives them more time to concentrate on their art. Whereas normal laid off Americans just stare at the TV, with no artistry or underlying meaning whatsoever! Said one artist:

"Nobody wants me to do anything, so I'm just doing what I want."

That is, in all seriousness, the best attitude towards the recession that we've heard in a WHOLE YEAR. We congratulate you, Portland-area visual artist Liz Fallon. May you sell lots of visual arts soon. And if not, may you take out endless cash advances on your credit cards at reasonable interest rates, thanks to this new credit card bill that's about to pass.

Reasonable fees? No opaque language? Locked-in interest rates? Why this "easy credit" could be just the solution the American consumer's been looking for!
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