Glenn Beck, Fox News' resident Barnumesque dildo, was a guest on The View today, and, predictably, things became contentious on set, even more so because of a bullshit story about an encounter with Whoopi and Babs that Beck recently peddled on his radio show, so Whoopi went off on him.

Goldberg's furious anger was set off by Beck's quackery-laden version of events, as told to his radio audience, after he ran into Goldberg and Barbara Walters on an Amtrak train to the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Beck, in the typical charlatan on steroids fashion that is his hallmark, told his audience that Amtrak had reserved seating for Walters, Goldberg and 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft, when it's normally their policy not to reserve seats for anyone (You know corporate America—-always sucking the assholes of the liberal media!). So this set off the ladies of The View, who claimed that no such thing had happened, and Beck just sat their sheepishly half-apologizing, claiming that he "misspoke" ala Nancy Pelosi, looking every bit like a bratty child who'd been sent to the principal's office for firing spitballs at a handicapped kid. And all the while Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn't say a fucking word (I'm convinced that she may actually be undergoing an ideological conversion right now, but I could be wrong).

Watch this clip, if only so you can fully comprehend just how disgustingly reptilian Glenn Beck is.