The mighty Snuggie has come under assault from the doppelgangerish Slanket, the hipsterish Sealpelt, the alien mommyish Peekaru, and the camperish Lippi Selk bag. What do all these products lack? That's right: they don't look like togas. No more—the Wearable Towel is here!

According to the press release:

If you haven't yet seen their direct response TV ad (which surprisingly is not cheesy at all) or received a twitter tweet about this revolutionary phenomenon, then you're in for a surprise and not just any surprise because this surprise is going to make your everyday life that much better!

Got it? And as you can see by this absolutely fucking priceless must-watch infomercial, you don't have to struggle with the complicated procedure of securing a regular towel around yourself any more. Now you can wander around in a toga. USA.