Fun, spoiled: two British guys were arrested with a motherlode of blow (1,507 non-metric-system pounds) outside of Montpellier in what the French government is calling the biggest cocaine bust in the history of the country.

The French are no fun. The two unnamed men were on what sounds like the most amazing roadtrip in the universe, driving from Spain to England. They were busted on a routine check after driving their semi (or what the funny British call a "lorry") all wibbily-wobbly, but they were probably just dancing in the cab! You know you've done it. The bust has been appraised at 27M euros (about $38M), and while the two guys driving the car "deny all knowledge of the illegal cargo," a quick examination of whatever they were listening to at the time could probably indict them fairly well. After all, nobody jams out to "Black Betty" 30 times in a row for nothing.

'Historic' cocaine haul in France [BBC]