The final episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno aired last night on NBC. Leno's returning to NBC, so it wasn't so emotional, but not on this stage, which is why to some people - maybe - this might've been important.

Most notable was the clip of a jittery Conan O'Brien - who was Leno's final guest on the show - coming out on NBC for the first time in 1993, when they announced that O'Brien would have his own show. Watch as Jay Leno screws with "the kid" way back in the day.

The rest of the interview was Conan discussing the strageness of being hunted by TMZ cameras, and Jay being encouraging and supportive of his efforts. Which is boring! Why didn't they roast each other? It probably would've been more fun, and they've had all this time to glad hand each other in the press. It was nice, however, and Leno's never really been known for his bombast. But his bad one-liners, we'll always carry with us. Like this one, for the road:

Finally, Leno took to the children, for sentimental effect: after naming a few staffers who've hooked up over the years from jobs on The Tonight Show, Leno's grand finale was busting out the kids of all the staffers who've been born over the course of Leno's tenure on the show. It was sweet, cute, and kind of inspired. Credit where credit's due: to not be a grandstanding, pompous asshole after years of being a proficient late-night host, might be an accomplishment in it of itself. Or maybe Johnny Carson just set the precedent.

Also worth noting: Billy Crystal (with help from Hairspray remake director Marc Shaiman) doing a hammy musical tribute to Leno Thursday night.

My favorite Tonight Show moment - tough between the "Hugh Grant/prostitute" saga, but Michael Jackson jokes (so old school!) win out: Leno can't tell any because he's a witness in the 2005 Michael Jackson trials, so he brings out a bunch of other comedians to do it for him. Later, a judge cleared him to tell the jokes. Anybody else? You find 'em, throw 'em in the comments, please.