ABC News' Jake Tapper, seemingly bored silly on a flight to Riyadh, or maybe just experimenting to see how many links he could get from wingnut websites, published perhaps the most imbecilic article in the history of journalism on

With a title, "The Emergence of President Obama's Muslim Roots," that just pathetically screams "please link to me Matt Drudge," Tapper regurgitates a slew of widely-known facts about Obama's family's Muslim faith, slaps a provocative title on the piece, and repackages the whole thing as some sort of breaking news story in conjunction with Obama's trip to the Middle East. The highlights of the story are these:

-Obama's father was a Muslim.

-Chicago has a high concentration of people who practice the Muslim faith.

-Obama spent time living in Muslim countries as a child.

Voila! And that's how your Jake Tapper jerky journalism sausage gets made ladies and gentleman! Isn't he just swell?!

Predictably, the right-wingers are hysterical over this. In addition to the feature link on Drudge, there are at least four Free Republic posts on it that we saw, not to mention postings in just about every other conservative gathering place online. Just Google "the emergence of Obama's Muslim roots" and see for yourself. Or better yet, go sample some of the comments on Tapper's post. They're amazing.

As for Jake Tapper, we can't put our feelings for him into words much better than Daily Intel's Jessica Pressler did back in March of this year.

There are only a handful of people who live up to the sophomoric term "tool" quite the way ABC reporter Jake Tapper does. For starters: His big break was selling out the story of a date he had with Monica Lewinsky. He dated a Miss America contestant, once called a college-age reporter a "pussy" and, at the beginning of his career, reportedly handed a Salon reporter a wad of his chewed gum, telling her it would be "worth something someday." We're not trying to be mean or anything, or saying he's a bad person. It's just true: The man is a tool.

Yep, that about sums it all up rather nicely.