Bill Gates might be ready to truly retire: The Microsoft founder reportedly acquired Buffalo Bill Cody's old ranch in Wyoming. We've got picutres, and it looks like the perfect place for riding off into the sunset.

Gates is believed to acquired the ranch, Ima Lake Lodge, through his investment manager Jerry St. Dennis. The brokerage listing has been pulled from both the original website and Google's cache. Luckily, we finally tracked down an old copy on this new search engine called Bing, apparently run by some company called Microsoft. Nifty.

Judging by the PDF brochure attached to the $9 million listing, the 492-acre estate, just east of Yellowstone National Park, looks perfect for the sorts of rugged getaways older rich men seem so fond of, isolated in the woods, away from the teeming hordes of poors and employees, with time to contemplate new schemes and plans, enjoy the physical exertion of lifting one's own limbs, or maybe just roast marshmallows over burning piles of worthless U.S. currency.

It's enough to make one wonder if Gates, "retired" from Microsoft, is also done running around attacking people with mosquitoes and starting think tanks and just generally causing trouble.


We're pretty sure the buffalo head is not included; also, the kitchen looks dreadfully devoid of robots.

The resolution on those LEDs looks amazing.

The property, from a distance.

There's a "dairy house," which is actually a refurbished cabin. Perfect for frenemies like Steve Jobs

And a guest house, with five bedrooms, and a Ballmercaretaker's house, with two.

There are 12 stalls for horses; or, as Gates calls them, "ponies!"