Hey, here is the new cover of The National Review, depicting "Wise Latina" Sonia Sotomayor as... Asian, for some reason.

Dear internet: to say something or someone is "racist" is not saying "it or he or she would like to round up every Hispanic person and shoot them" or "it or he or she is just as bad at Hitler." But it reliably enrages at least one dumb commenter every time we suggest that a white person did or said or drew something racist. So hey, we will just keep it up! All the weird resentments are just floating to the surface, these days! If everyone is so mad at the Political Correctness for not allowing them to mock a Puerto Rican woman with pinatas and sombreros then they will surely appreciate it if we just give up on the friendly polite euphemisms and say "oh hey that is racist."

But is this racist? Sure, probably. Who knows what the fuck is going on here, besides the magazine equivalent of a group of children acting out to get a rise out of grown-ups.