Man, Europe. We elected this classy guy after you made fun of us for years about that "cowboy" (btw: here in America, only morons thought he was a "cowboy"), and now your leaders are all running around with naked ladies.

First, another naked photo of the first lady of France was sold at auction. For $19,600! Last year, someone bought a different cheesecake photo of the wife of your president for $91k. Should we be more embarrassed for France or for these rich people who don't know how to Google Image Search?

But then Italy got all competitive, so their insane and corrupt Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was photographed hanging out with a bunch of naked ladies and a naked former Czech Premier, at his Villa Certosa, in Sardinia.

El Pais published all the saucy photos, and you can look at them on the internet, in case you are curious about the upcoming European parliamentary elections or something.