If you watch the Daily Show you've seen Jon Stewart taking some shots lately at Joe Scarborough and MSNBC's Morning Joe. Today Scarborough fired back, going so far as to say that Stewart's raging persona is "kinda like Bill O'Reilly!"

Scarborough mentioned that of the "hundreds" of shows he's appeared on, Stewart is by far the angriest host he's ever met. He's just so angry dangit! Joe thinks he suffers from the ole Napoleonic Complex or something. He's a comedian, he's rich, he's successful, so why isn't Jon Stewart just smiling like a coked-out circus clown all the time? Joe can't seem to wrap his brain around why he's so angry!

Now, we actually like Scarborough a bit and think he's one of the most intellectually honest conservative talking heads (Then again the competition in that regard isn't really that stiff!), but we love Jon Stewart, so we're really looking forward to seeing Stewart respond to this and we will laugh, laugh, laugh when he makes Joe look like a Herculean idiot on his show. Sorry Joe, we have our allegiances and we're sticking to them.